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YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey

JCU students should refer to the YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey information in the Students website.

Information for JCU Staff

Students are at the heart of our University. As part of JCU's commitment to improving the quality of subjects and teaching, we regularly seek feedback from students on their student learning and teaching experience.

The YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey is an online survey instrument used by students to provide feedback on subjects and teachers. Based in LearnJCU, the survey can be accessed by students directly, by logging into LearnJCU, or by a link distributed by email.

The survey is able to be personalised, easy to use, secure, centralised, and provides confidential feedback on subjects and teaching quality. It also provides staff and supervisors with advanced reporting options to assist fast and effective review, reflection and revision of learning and teaching materials and methodologies, in line with professional development, discipline standards and institutional strategic goals.

YourJCU Subject Surveys are automatically conducted for every undergraduate and postgraduate coursework offerings. YourJCU Teaching Surveys are optional. Subject Coordinators have the ability to opt-in teaching staff for any undergraduate or postgraduate coursework offering. The opt-in process is described in the Quick Guides available below.

review cycle

The evaluation and review cycle

YourJCU Survey Handbook

The YourJCU Survey Handbook (pdf) contains important instructions and information on the following;

  • YourJCU Survey Calendar
  • OPTing IN - For Subject Coordinators
  • OPTing IN - For Lecturers
  • Monitoring Response Rates
  • Question Personalisation
  • YourJCU Survey Results and Distribution
  • What should I tell my students?
  • How can students provide their feedback?
    • Students working in Original
    • Students working in Ultra

How do Students complete the survey?

When a YourJCU Subject and Teaching Survey opens, students will receive an email containing a link that will take them directly to the survey.

If, for some reason, students fail to see or receive the email containing their survey link, the survey can be accessed through LearnJCU.

This presentation is a great tool to promote the survey to your Students.
In addition to providing examples about how Students can provide useable feedback, it also demonstrates how the survey can be accessed and completed through LearnJCU. Instructions are provided for students working Original and Ultra.

If you would like a copy of the presentation provided in PowerPoint format, please email

Access survey reports

Access reports for your subjects via LearnJCU.

To view reports from previous years go to Tools and select YourJCU Subject Reports
IMPORTANT - to view your historical reports, you will need to click on Filter and select ALL for both Category and Display.

Historical national and institutional reports are also available (JCU staff access only).

Staff guidelines, data distribution list and resources

Survey contacts

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please contact: