LTSE Teaching Online Online Group Work

Online Group Work

Collaborative online activities provide opportunities for students to interact with the subject resources, with one another, with teaching staff and with professional networks.

Bring to life a shared creation of ideas, concepts and understanding, through:

  • Collaborative thinking and discussion
  • Group Presentations

Collaborate activities

When developing collaborative activities, you may use:

  • Forums -, use appropriately and well moderated, allow students to shape and test their ideas, reflecting and developing a deeper understanding of subject content based on peer discussions.
  • ePortfolios - promote individual reflective learning but also allow assets to be shared with educators, other students or professional contacts for feedback and further refinement.
  • Real-time chat or web conferencing systems - allow students to work together on projects or assessments at a time of their choosing.
  • Cloud-based document, video, or other file creation and sharing services - Students may also interact with any number of these options through providers such as Google or Microsoft – care should be taken to inform students of their rights and responsibilities around backing up work and copyright.

Supported technologies

Collaborate Ultra
Get started with using Blackboard Collaborate, a real-time virtual classroom and web conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact.

Groups can be created in any subject or community site to organise students, facilitate private communication or student group work, or allow selective distribution of content. Groups can be set to ‘self enrol’ to allow students to sign up to a preferred group.

Discussion Groups
If your subject uses groups to encourage students to collaborate on coursework, you can also include links to group tools to help them communicate. For example, you can create a special group discussion board available only to the members of a course group.

Conversations (Ultra Subject View)
Class conversations can be applied to individual content items (in subjects with Ultra view), students can discuss the content with you and their classmates. They can ask for help, share sources, or answer questions others have.

Wikis (Original Subject View)
A wiki is a web site that can be collaboratively developed and edited by a group. Contributors to a wiki are able to edit and publish content, upload files and link to other resources. The wiki has a versioning feature that allows the contributions made by individual members to be clearly identified.