LTSE Online Teaching Tools Editing and managing content

Editing and managing content

Students highly value consistency within and across the subjects they undertake.

The structure of links, files, folders and menu items all contribute to the overall usability of the online learning experience. All learning resources should be developed with accessibility principles and inclusive design in mind.

Creating more accessible documents in Word, PowerPoint, PDF (PDFs can be viewed in the browser) and other common file formats will benefit not just students who identify with disabilities but the entire student population.

Helpful tips

  • Familiarise yourself with Standard 1 of the Standards for Blended and Online Subject Design and ensure curriculum and learning materials are aligned, available, and engaging.

  • Be aware that students will be viewing and interacting with your resources on a range of computers, devices and screen sizes. Test the student experience on a variety of devices where possible.

  • Subject resources should be explicitly supported with helpful and clear documentation for students. The effort of developing support up-front will often save time with handing student queries during the teaching period.

  • Explore techniques and cultivate the habit of developing more accessible materials. Most major document creation software includes options or preferences for checking and improving the level of accessibility.

Supported technologies

Accessibility in LearnJCU
Your LearnJCU subject sites will give you a place to build, manage, and display your subject material.  Content typically added to LearnJCU includes Bb Ally is a new tool available (2021) in LearnJCU that contributes to making subject content inclusive and flexible.

Editing and managing content
Your LearnJCU subject sites will give you a place to build, manage, and display your subject material.  Content typically added to LearnJCU includes documents such as Word, PDF or PowerPoint slides; and links to websites you have produced or external sites.

Managing the release of content (adaptive release)
When you manage the release of content, you provide a subject that is more interactive and tailored to the needs of individual students. Availability of content can be set by dates, performance, or sequence and it can be used on lecture materials, quizzes and discussion board forums.

LearnJCU Guides
A full list of guides that can help assist with building and managing your online learning materials.

Managing Media
Using Mediasite for lecture capture and media management

Readings helps lecturers create and maintain reading lists for students and automatically ensures that items digitised for student access are copyright compliant.

Useful technologies

  • LearnJCU
  • Video
  • Word/PDF/PowerPoint
  • Further resources

  • University of Melbourne: Accessibility Guide for Academics
  • University of Tasmania: Web Accessibility
  • Australian Government Digital Transformation Office: Making Content Accessible
  • Creating Engaging Videos for Teaching