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LTSE Online Teaching Tools Exemplars in LearnJCU

Exemplars in LearnJCU

A collection of exemplars to inspire you in creating learning materials in LearnJCU with an alignment to several of the principles outlined in the Student Digital Experience Policy.


Look at the LearnJCU Exemplars (PDF, 3564 KB) and follow these examples to establish presence, interaction and active learning.

Say hello, recap last week – introduce this week, offer support.
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Examples of engaging short videos

Prepare – Attend – Apply – Reflect
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Examples of consistent week/topic content

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Examples of video based scenarios

Includes ways of working with video.
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Examples of working with video and content

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Example of signposting support

Describing and instructing assessment.
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Example of describing and instructing assessment

Overview – Lecture – Activity – Lecture – Discussion – Readings.
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Example of consistent learning design

Gaining feedback about the level of engagement with your video content. New link, Statistics and Analytics in Panopto.
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Example of gaining feedback about engagement

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Example of setting expectations

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Example of digital identity development

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Example of active learning online