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Academic Success - End-of-Module Quizzes

Academic Success - End-of-module quizzes in 2018 LearnJCU sites

Once you are logged in to LearnJCU:

  1. Under the course Control Panel at the base of the left menu bar, open the Subject Tools list and click Tests, Surveys and Pools
  2. Click Tests
  3. Click Import Test
  4. Click Browse Content Collection.
  5. Hover over the Browse button and click Institution Content from the dropdown that appears.
  6. Click the Learning_Objects folder.
  7. Click the Epigeum_Academic-Success folder.
  8. Select the radio button next to the module zip file – this example will use the What is Higher Education For?module – and click Submit
  9. Confirm the file selection by clicking Submit
  10. Within this folder is a listing of all of the Academic Success modules and associated end-of-module quizzes.
  11. Select the radio button next to the end-of-module quiz zip file – this example will use the What is Higher Education For? module quiz – and click Submit.
  12. Confirm the file selection by clicking Submit.
  13. An import completion message will appear with details of the time and date the process was run and the final status.
  14. Navigating back to the course Control Panel > Subject Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests will show the newly imported quiz and its status (not deployed at this time).
  15. To deploy the quiz, navigate to the desired location (in this example, the Learning Resources folder where the Academic Success Module also appears) and click Assessments > Test.
  16. From the Add an Existing Test box, select the end-of-module quiz and click Submit.
  17. Begin to configure the quiz (modify the default name if required, add notes for students, make the quiz open in a new window, make the quiz link available to students, add new announcements etc).
  18. Continue configuration (set multiple attempts if desired, set a timer, set display dates).
  19. Further down the configuration form, ensure that the Include this Test in Grade Centre Score Calculations option is ticked.
  20. Finalise quiz settings around display of results to students and question presentation, and click Submit.
  21. After submitting the form, the end-of-module quiz will appear in the content folder with a purple Success: <quiz name> Options Edited message at the top of the screen.
  22. Finally, open the course Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre to check that a new column for the end-of-module quiz has been added.