LearnJCU Known Issues

Issues that are detected within our virtual learning environments are listed here and include workarounds.

Collaborate: Collaborate attendance data incorrect in Attendance tool

Affected: Lecturers and Students

Collaborate session participation data is not feeding through to the attendance tool in the subject site correctly.


Create a new session with an end date and time and check share attendance information with LMS option in session settings. Use Collaborate session reports as the source of truth for attendance in Collaborate sessions. 

Collaborate: Recurring sessions or high numbers of individual sessions end up hidden from students

Affected: Students 

Students are unable to access session link to join after first session. The name of a recurring session does not appear under 'Join Session' in the subject site after the first day of the session.

For subjects with a large number of 'one-off' sessions will eventually reach a cap and new sessions will be hidden from students.

Workaround: Lecturers must either use non-recurring sessions or create a session link in the Course Content area.

LearnJCU: Formatting in documents in Annotate (inline grading) doesn't display correctly

Affected: Students and Instructors

When displaying uploaded assessment submissions in the Annotate tool (Inline-grading tool) some documents have their formatting is displayed incorrectly. Commonly extra spaces are added.

This is caused when the tool converts the font.

Workaround: Download the original document by clicking the three dots in the grey bar above the in-line document and click 'Download File'. This document will retain the correct formatting.

Download original document

LearnJCU: Student Activity report doesn't include all draft saves

Affected: Lecturers of Ultra subjects

When viewing the student activity report it does not display an indication for all draft saves made by the student. It only shows the first two.

LearnJCU: Students receive 'Something broke' error when trying to access group assessment drop boxes

Affected: Students
Certain students receive an error message starting that 'something broke' when attempting to access group assessment drop boxes
Workaround: In some cases setting up a new group for the impacted students will fix the issue. Alternatively submissions can be collected via email or by setting up a standard assessment drop box.

LearnJCU: Collaborate Screen-share on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina fails

Affected: Lecturers
Mac OS 10.15 Catalina has changed a security preference allowing applications to record your screen. In order to share your screen or other content in Collaborate Ultra, you will need to change a security setting on your computer.
Workaround: Select the Apple menu on the top left corner of your screen. This will open a menu. From the menu select System Preferences.  This will open your system preferences. Select Security and Privacy. This will open your Security & Privacy settings. Click on the Privacy tab and scroll down to Screen Recording. Check the box next to your preferred browser(s) in order to allow the browser to share and record your screen. Restart your browser.

LearnJCU: Students are unable to access Class Notebook

Affected: Lecturers and Students
The Class Notebook tool via the Content Market does not permit students to view or access content.  It can be used as a staff resource, as staff members in the subject can still access it. Technology Solutions are working on fixing this problem.

LearnJCU: Subject Export notification email

Affected: Lecturers
Subject exports result in an notification email which states that the export has failed. This is generally a false negative.
Workaround: Ignore the email and import the package into the destination LearnJCU subject site.

LearnJCU: Overridden grades for groups disables student access to feedback

Affected: Lecturers and students in Ultra subjects

If a grade is overridden from the Group List page students are unable to view feedback when the grades are posted.

Note: Students receive a message which states that "Your instructor will reveal the correct answers after all students have submitted"

Workaround: Instructors can undo the override from the groups page, re-apply it and re-post the grades.
  1. Click on the group
  2. Click 'Undo Override'
  3. Re-enter the grade
  4. Post grades and the list view will change from '1 attempt to grade' to 'complete' and the students will be able to access their feedback.

LearnJCU: Unable to make subjects unavailable

Affected: Lecturers
Description: Attempting to make a subjects unavailable will result in a message saying it isn't possible while the term is active.
Workaround: In Ultra subjects Lecturers should use the Batch Edit feature to change visibility of content items. In Original subjects lecturers should hide menu items by clicking on the chevron next to the item in the left hand menu and selecting hide.

Mediasite: Unauthorized Error when clicking on a mediasite link in LearnJCU

Affected: All users
Description: Staff and students who attempt to access the My Mediasite dashboard or the Mediasite Content Selection Tool in certain versions of certain browsers receive an error : {"code":"Unauthorized","message":"Site login required"}.
Workaround: Please visit this Knowledge Base article

Respondus: Special characters/Emoticons in title cause Tests to fail

Affected: Lecturers of Ultra subjects

Respondus LockDown Browser Tests which contain multi-byte characters or emoticons in the title will result in an message which states the Respondus Service is unavailable. This will occur if if the special characters are present in any test in the subject.

Multi-byte characters include most accented letters, as well as dashes and "smart" quotes.

Workaround: Teaching staff should adjust Test titles to use simple characters (plain text) and remove special characters. NOTE: The title must be adjusted by accessing the test from the content area as adjusting the title from the Grade Centre only changes the Grade Centre column name and not the test name.

Respondus: Enabling Respondus removes the time-limit from tests

Affected: Ultra subjects
Description: When Respondus is enabled on an exam previously established time-limit are removed.
Workaround: After enabling Respondus return to the test and add the time-limit.

Respondus: Conditional Availability causes tests not to release to students

Affected: Ultra subjects
Description: When Conditional Availability is applied to a test utilising Respondus students receive a message stating "Your name is not on the list' when they try and access it.
Workaround: Remove Conditional Availability to release the exam to students.

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This page was updated on: 25 Sep 2020

Resolved issues

Description: When clicking on files submitted for assessment some may report that they are unavailable. This issue impacts files submitted during a particular period (roughly the month of November) but impacts zip files differently.

Resolved: 13/12/2019

Description: The tool which allowed self-enrolment to Organisation sites is incompatible with the latest version of LearnJCU and does not display. This has been upgraded and is working normally.

Resolved: 17/02/2020

Description: Some students are receiving an overdue notification despite submitting their assignments on time. This has been resolved.

Resolved: 04/03/2020

Description: When you click on the links within the daily email notifications sent via LearnJCU, they take you to the LearnJCU Gateway and not the related content in your subject site.

Resolved: 21/02/2020

Description:Respondus LockDown Browser users who have multi-byte characters in their name will not be able to view or attempt the Test.

Multi-byte characters include most accented letters, as well as dashes and "smart" quotes.

Resolved: 13/05/2020

Description: When you click on the links within the daily email notifications sent via LearnJCU, they take you to the LearnJCU Gateway and not the related content in your subject site.

Resolved: 28/02/2020

Description: The equation inserts in Ultra will initially appear to work but they will not display content to students and will disappear from the lecturer’s view after repeated use.

Resolved: 28/02/2020