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LearnJCU Known Issues

Issues that are detected within our virtual learning environments are listed here and include workarounds.

Affected: Staff and Students
Description:When using Firefox on JCU controlled computers the Panopto Subject Video Folder, accessed via Books and Tools in LearnJCU will not load.
Workaround:Use Chrome.
Affected: Staff and Students

Some combinations of Assessment dropbox setup and mark entry prevent students from accessing all their feedback. A common example of when this happens is detailed below:

Add a rubric to the assessment but enter the mark separately.
Entering an override mark but not an attempt mark when multiple submission attempts are allowed.
Typing or uploading mark into Submission list.

Annotate feedback hidden from students.
Individual assessment: individual textbox feedback visible.
Group assessments: group textbox feedback is hidden but individual textbox feedback is visible.

Workaround: Detach any unused rubrics.
In all cases, undo override and re-enter mark for each student on the marking page.
For multiple attempts, undo override and re-enter mark in attempt mark oval.
Contact for more options
Affected: Students submitting group assignments

When submitting a group assignment students will sometimes receive an error that their 'name is not on the list' and they will not be able to proceed.

Workaround:Create a new group and move the impacted students into it will allow them to submit.
Affected: Educators using the inline marking tool (Annotate) and students viewing the document within LearnJCU

When a document is to LearnJCU and is shown within the page the way it displays may not reflect the actual formatting within the document. Certain elements, such as fonts, styling, footnotes, page numbers and tables may not render correctly or at all.

Workaround:Download the original document by clicking the three dots above the in-line grader and selecting 'Download Original File'. All files can be downloaded in bulk in order to save time. 

PDFs are not impacted by this issue.
Affected: Lecturers of Ultra subjects

When viewing the student activity report it does not display an indication for all draft saves made by the student. It only shows the first two.

Technical issue not listed?

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