LearnJCU is our virtual learning environment built on the Blackboard's Learning Management System 'Learn'.

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About LearnJCU

LearnJCU is frequently used for providing students with:

  • An electronic copy of the subject outline
  • Staff contact details
  • Lecture notes and recordings
  • Digital media such as screencasts and YouTube videos
  • Web based resources such as eTextbooks
  • Subject readings
  • Assessment dropboxes to facilitate electronic submissions (including an originality checking service)
  • Feedback on submitted assessment
  • Communication tools and collaboration spaces
  • Notifications about due dates or last-minute room changes

LearnJCU also provides a number of tools for staff to:

  • Test students' understanding
  • Control the release of content
  • Manage and communicate student grades
  • Online assessment marking and feedback
  • Setup virtual collaboration spaces and discussion boards
  • Track student progress and identify potentially at-risk students

Accessing LearnJCU

To access LearnJCU, click the LearnJCU button at the top-right of the JCU website.

Access is also provided via mobile.

External access

If you have a user ID starting with 'ljcu', go to 'Non-JCU members special sign in'.

Having trouble logging in?

Check out the step-by-step procedure below to resolve your access problems

Getting started in LearnJCU

Getting access to subject sites

Navigating LearnJCU

Building Content in a Subject Site

Creating content

Managing content


Communicating in a Subject Site



Blackboard Collaborate (virtual rooms)

Assessing and Grading in a Subject Site


Tests (Quizzes)

Grade Centre

Marking Feedback

Tracking Performance

Organisation (Community) Sites

LearnJCU Organisations (formerly known as Communities)

LearnJCU Known Issues

LearnJCU Known Issues lists any technical issues known to affect the expected function of LearnJCU and integrated systems for staff and/or students.

A description of each issue is provided along with a workaround where possible.