Adaptive Release


The Adaptive Release functionality of LearnJCU allows teaching staff to control availability of content using criteria to allow or deny access to items such as lecture materials and quizzes. It cannot be applied to menu items or tools such as Announcements and Discussion Forums.

You can control the availability of content based on a set of rules you create with the following release criteria:

  • Date: Release an item only on a specified date or time. Options include: on a exact date, until a certain date, or during a defined period of time.

  • Membership: Release an item to specific users or groups of users (eg. Students in a particular tute group)

  • Grade: Release an item if a specified graded item was attempted or users received a certain score—less than, greater than, equal to, or between. You can also release an item based on a calculated column in the Grade Centre

  • Review status: . Release an item when another content item is marked as reviewed.

Examples of use

Some examples where Adaptive Release has been usefully applied include:

  • Grouping students based on prior knowledge, and providing different, or additional, material to the more experienced

  • Providing a professional example of an assignment to students who have completed that assignment

  • Making a complex text visible once students have reviewed an introductory text

  • Providing different material for different project groups to work on

  • Providing advanced material for those who scored high on a test

  • Providing remedial material for those who scored low on a test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use multiple criteria in an Adaptive Release rule?
A. Yes. Adding multiple criteria within a single rule means that all set criteria must be met for the rule to be satisfied and the item to be available. For example, if a single rule requires a quiz score of 7 AND membership in Group A then both criteria must be met to make the content available.

Q. Can you apply multiple Adaptive Release rules to a single item?
A. Yes. If you apply multiple rules to a single item then at least one of the rules must be satisfied for the item to be available. For example, if Rule 1 requires a quiz score of 7 and Rule 2 requires membership in Group A then either Rule 1 OR Rule 2 may be met to make the content available.