Archiving subject sites


All LearnJCU subject sites will be archived according to the procedures in the LearnJCU ‘Subject site’ Lifecycle Management Procedures.

The intent of the LearnJCU ‘Subject site’ Lifecycle Management Procedures is to manage the storage requirements of the Learning Management System (LearnJCU) whilst providing a suitable level of access to historical subject data for the purpose of meeting state legislature, and providing academic audit and student access throughout their studies

Accessing LearnJCU from previous years

Subject sites will remain ‘active’ and available for a duration of 6 years, that is, the current year, plus five completed years.

Sites with ‘active’ status remain available in the system to:

  • students who have completed those subjects and are currently enrolled at JCU.
  • staff who have been assigned a role in the subject (such as Subject Coordinator or Lecturer) via the Teaching Role Database (TRDB).

Subject sites older than 6 years will assume ‘archived’ status and will be removed from the LearnJCU system and stored in JCU’s data centre. Access to the sites will be regulated by ICT to ensure that there is no unauthorized access or information corruption and to provide disaster recovery.

LearnJCU subject sites designated as ‘archived’ may be restored to the LearnJCU system via a ServiceNow request to LTS and made available to appropriate staff for auditing and review purposes.


Q. There are too many of my old subjects on my Subject List module in LearnJCU. Can I hide some of these to reduce the clutter?
A. Yes,  if you wish to hide some of your completed subjects, see the Blackboard help site regarding Removing subjects from the Subject List