Subject site quota


If your subject site has an abundance of content or includes sizable files, you may be presented with the following message when trying to upload files:

Action not complete: Adding the selected content to the specified folder causes the folder to exceed its quota.

All LearnJCU subject sites have a default quota of 3 GB, and when you near this quota, you will be notified. When your quota has been reached, you will not be able to upload any further content to your subject site.

What happens when my subject site has reached its quota?

At this point you will be asked to audit the content of your subject site to:

  • identify content that can be optimised or converted to an appropriate file format
  • identify large or unneeded files that can be removed
  • re-locate media files to the Mediasite streaming media server

It important to ensure that the materials in your subject site:

  • are accessible to students using a low bandwidth internet connection
  • can be viewed in the current version of supported web browsers
  • are delivered in a mobile friendly format wherever possible.

Please review the LearnJCU content publishing guidelines for recommended file specifications. The LearnJCU team is happy to assist with streamlining your site.

In exceptional circumstances (eg. You want to embed large content packages from an e-publisher), you may contact the LearnJCU team to request an increase in the set quota for an individual subject site.