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Staff troubleshooting access to subject sites

When you login to LearnJCU, you will see a list of your subjects that you are currently enrolled in as a coordinator, teacher, tutor, or student.

If you do not see your subject in the list, check the following:

1. Browser check

Ensure you are using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, clear your browser cache/cookies and reopen LearnJCU.

→ Instructions on clearing your cache

2. Confirm you have been added to the subject

Confirm you have been added to the subject in the Teaching Roles Database (TRDB) by your College’s Academic Services Team.

Go to, StaffOnline > Academic Staff Information > Teaching Roles Database (TRDB) > Subject / User Search

If your name is not listed in the subject, contact your Academic Services Team.

Once updated and approved, you should have access to the subject in LearnJCU within a few minutes.

3. Student access and enrolment

Any student who officially enrols in a subject offering will have access to the corresponding LearnJCU subject site. When this doesn't happen for some reason or another, check out these handy hints to find out why.

→ Troubleshooting student access

4. Guest lecturers and external users

Users without a JCU username may be added as participants in subject and community sites.

→ Non-JCU user accounts

5. Still not working? Contact us

If you are still unable to access your subject site, go to our support form to request assistance.

Other. Non-teaching roles and management

Teaching support staff and students may be added to LearnJCU subject sites in one of a variety of defined teaching and non-teaching roles.

→ Staff roles and management