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LTSE Online Teaching Tools Mediasite Recorded Lectures


Lecture capture and media management

Create, edit, manage and publish your media

  1. Capture lectures from a Mediasite Device, in equipped rooms across the University
  2. Record at-your-desk screencasts using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) software
  3. Use Mediasite to manage your online media and integrate it into your LearnJCU subject.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR)

MDR is a desktop capture solution that integrates with LearnJCU.

The following screencast will demonstrate how to use MDR to record topical videos and Powerpoint presentations plus go through the tips and methods to share your videos with students.

This video can be paused and restarted at anytime.

Mediasite desktop recording webinar

Quick find Mediasite guides

  • Web-editor (Mediasite's online video editor)
    • Accessing the Web-editor
    • Editing with the Web-editor
    • Top and tail (altering the start and finish of the video)
    • Remove video (have audio and slides only)
    • Adding/removing chapters
    • Editing slides