Ad-hoc-captured lectures

An Ad-hoc Recording is created when you manually start/stop a recording in a Mediasite equipped room.

Making an Ad-hoc Recording

  1. Turn on the AV System at the lectern
  2. Select your inputs; the main projector will be captured as slides and the presenter's camera as video
  3. Press and hold the red button to start a recording
  4. You can pause by a short-press of the red button
  5. After giving your presentation, press and hold the red button to stop the recording.
Control button

Control button | start - pause - stop

 Control light on

Control light on

 Control light off

Control light off

  1. Complete the Ad-hoc request form *NEW*
  2. Your request will be processed by the Learning Environments team
  3. A notification via ServiceNow will be sent when your recording is made available in your My Mediasite Dashboard.

Ad-hoc request form

  • Ad-hoc recordings are usually made available within 48 hours but this time period may extend in busy periods
  • Unclaimed Ad-hoc recordings are only stored for thirty days after they are recorded
  • If a recording is not manually stopped it could become so large in size that it is irretrievable
  • VAVS are there to support you in teaching spaces within the Cairns and Townsville campuses
  • Check your audio levels on the AV system (if equipped) to ensure sound is being captured correctly
  • Using an in-room lapel or roving microphone will improve audio quality
  • Control button:
    • Long-press = start
    • Short-press = pause
    • Short press = un-pause
    • Long-press = stop
  • Recording light:
    • Illuminated = recording
    • Slow-pulse = paused
    • No illumination = off

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