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Auto-captured lectures

Notice: COVID-19 may impact lecture capture in physical locations

Save time and have your lectures automatically captured via timetabling bookings.

Advise your college's Academic Services Officer (ASO) that you would like your lectures auto-captured.

This should be done during preparation for upcoming study periods (data-collection stage) but can be adjusted at any time by ASO's.

Please note: the Learning Environments and VAVS teams are unable to adjust this data.

The ASO should then apply auto-capture 'Suitability' to your teaching activity in timetabling.

As there are a limited number of Mediasite equipped rooms, 'Suitability' signifies that there is a desire to capture the lecture but does not ensure that a Mediasite equipped room will be allocated.

If a Mediasite equipped room is allocated, your session will be automatically recorded and delivered to the academic listed against the activity in the timetable.

Auto-captured lectures will be added to a Mediasite shared-folder for that subject, however, they will still need to be made ‘viewable’ by the person they were delivered to.

Please note: if more than one person is listed, the system will pick someone from the list to be the owner. If no one is listed it will be delivered to the subject coordinator.

  • Audio quality is difficult to maintain in a large space with lots of people but it can be improved by the use of lapel and roving microphones
  • Auto-captured lectures start recording five minutes before the lecture begins and finishes recording five minutes after the lecture ends (as listed in the timetable)
  • If you can see the recording in the subjects shared-folder (in Mediasite) but you do not have access to make it ‘Viewable’ or edit, contact the ‘Owner’ and ask them to do it or have them [Link] share editor access with you
  • Auto-captured lectures are captured as dual streams which contain slides from the computer and video from the presenter's camera as well as in-room audio. In order to capture slides they must be displayed on the main projector.
  • Auto-captured lectures are not to be used in subsequent subject sites.

First, a lecture activity is booked in with timetabling

Suitability is applied in the timetable and a Mediasite enabled room is allocated.

Next, a schedule is created in Mediasite

The data is refreshed daily to reflect any changes to the timetable.

The lecturer listed against the timetabling activity is the 'owner' of the auto-captured lecture

If more than one lecturer is listed against the timetabling activity the system chooses one at random to be the ‘owner’.

If no one is listed the system will choose the Subject Coordinator as the owner.

The 'owner' is responsible for the lecture recording.

Other lecturers associated with the subject in TRDB are assigned as ‘viewer’.

... more on publishing auto-captured lectures to a subject

Next, the lecture is captured automatically by in-room devices

Auto-captured lectures are organised into a shared folder that all other associated lecturers can see but cannot edit or make ‘Viewable’.

Shared folders are accessed via My Mediasite Dashboard.

Auto-captured lectures are also added to 'Mediasite Catalogue’

Presentations outside of auto-capture can be added to a 'Subject Catalog' by assigning the 'Module' in My Mediasite to the presentation/video.

Students will have access to the recorded lectures from the subject's Mediasite Catalogue, if:

▸ the auto-captured lecture has been made ‘Viewable’
▸ and the ‘Mediasite Catalogue’ has been made available in the LearnJCU subject site

Note: if you have two subjects using the same auto-captured lecture recordings the Mediasite Catalogue will struggle with applying recordings to both catalogues. It is recommended to publish directly to the subject site in this case and this will need to be done by the 'owner' of the recording.

Note: In this case, ‘owner’ refers to a Mediasite system role and does not reflect the intellectual property. It is the ‘owners’ responsibility to make their auto-captured lectures ‘Viewable’.

Want to give another member editor access? Check out our guide on sharing editor access.

Light on means your lecture is being recorded

If you do not see the light come on you may have to opt for an ad-hoc captured lecture.

Control button

Control button | start - pause - stop

 Control light on

Control light on

 Control light off

Control light off

  • Control button:
    • Long-press = start
    • Short-press = pause
    • Short press = un-pause
    • Long-press = stop
  • Recording light:
    • Illuminated = recording
    • Slow-pulse = paused
    • No illumination = off

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