DIY Auto-Captioning

How to do-it-yourself (DIY) auto-transcriptions for Mediasite videos.

Important to note:

First up, we recommend you record and edit your video before beginning the following process. Secondly, if you use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) and edit your video from Mediasite you will need to export the final-edited version as a vodcast (MP4) and upload that to YouTube.

To keep this process straightforward, we will assume you have your final video ready to upload. Also note, no edits should be made to the video from this point onwards.

  • Upload your video straight to Mediasite (leave it to process)

  • Now upload your video to YouTube as unlisted

    • Need a YouTube account? Go to guide
    • Need to make the video unlisted? Go to guide
    • If your video is over 15 minutes long you will need to increase your video length limit on your account prior to uploading. Go to guide
  • Once your video has processed and is fully uploaded to YouTube wait for the closed captions to come in, it can take around 15 minutes.

  • Once the closed captions are available you can edit them in YouTube. It’s important to check through all the captions thoroughly as you do not want any incorrect words slipping into the transcript.

  • Once captions are edited, export the transcript as an SRT file.

    • Need to find out how to get an SRT file from YouTube? Go to guide
  • Upload SRT file to your video on Mediasite. Go to guide

  • Remember: editing the video from this point will result in mismatched captions

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