COVID-19 Advice for the JCU Community - Last updated: 19 October 2021, 8am (AEST)

Edit titles, descriptions and tags

Adjusting titles and descriptions and adding tags can help to keep track of videos.

It is good practice to include the subject code, date recorded and topics in titles, descriptions and tags as these are searchable and can make finding videos easier.

  1. In My Mediasite Dashboard find the video you would like to edit the title, description or tags of and click on the linked title to open the presentation properties page
  2. In the right-hand menu, click on the menu point Edit
  3. In the ‘Edit Presentation’ pop-out window, to edit a title or description, click in either field and make your changes
  4. To edit or add tags click in the tags field, type your tag and then press enter (on the keyboard) to finalise a tag which will turn it grey. To remove a tag hover over it and click the X
  5. When changes are complete click on the blue button Save in the top-right.

Tags are useful, because:

  • Tags do not appear to students but are searchable from within the My Mediasite Dashboard
  • The system will suggest existing tags to use
  • It is good practice to tag videos with a subject code and related topics.

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