Edit with the Mediasite Web-Editor

Accessing the Web-Editor

The Mediasite web-editor is designed to make minor changes to your videos

  1. In My Mediasite Dashboard click the presentation's linked title that you would like to edit. The presentation's properties page will open
  2. In the right-hand menu, scroll down and click on the link Edit Video (second section). The Web-editor will open in a browser tab.

How to use the web-editor

The following printable guide explains editing a Mediasite recording using the web-editor, find out how to clip your video and add transition effects.

The guide also covers more advanced techniques, such as, 'cutting' segments out of the video, slide editing and inserting chapters.

Download the guide (PDF, 843 KB) or Searchable online guide

How to top and tail

The most common form of editing is known as a Top and Tail in which the start and end of the video is trimmed.

  • Lecture recordings should comply with copyright policy
  • Using 'commit to new' is only suggested when making multiple versions from the same source video. 'Commit to current' is usually the best option as it saves the edits without creating a new presentation
  • The web-editor is non-destructive and content edited out can be recovered until the intermediate revisions are deleted.
  • It is important to note that the web-editor is not designed to be used for large scale editing but rather minor edits.

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