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Make your recording 'Viewable'

Changing videos from 'Private' to 'Viewable'

Videos must be set to 'Viewable' in order to be viewed by students. This can be done from the MyMediasite Dashboard but also as part of the process when publishing to LearnJCU.

Videos are set to 'Private' by default when created and are only viewable by the owner.

  1. In My Mediasite Dashboard find the video that is to be made Viewable
  2. In the bottom-right under the thumbnail, click on the padlock icon, you can toggle between Private and Viewable.

Other visibility options

On the presentation properties page, which can be accessed by clicking on the presentation title, there are more visibility options under the Who can View? heading:


Select this option to make this presentation visible to both anonymous and authenticated users, that is, anyone who has access to the link. This is required to share the video outside of JCU but selecting this option results in a loss of useful analytics as viewers cannot always be identified.

My Organization

Select this option to limit access to only JCU Staff and Students.

Only Shared Users


Select this option to give view access to your presentation published to LearnJCU.

NOTE: This option is selected when using the Mediasite Content Selection tool in LearnJCU to make presentations visible. Find out how to publish to LearnJCU.

Only Me

Select this option to make this presentation private, which means only you can view it.

Selecting this value sets the Visibility setting, which is still available when you edit the presentation, to Private. The remaining options set the presentation’s visibility to Viewable.

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