COVID-19 Advice for the JCU Community - Last updated: 19 October 2021, 8am (AEST)

Manage your storage space

At JCU everyone is allocated 20GB of usable personal storage from the My Mediasite Dashboard and sometimes this storage requires organising.

Different to your LearnJCU subject quota.

Managing storage to make more space available

  1. In My Mediasite Dashboard along the top blue bar click on the three-dotted icon ‘…’ and in the drop-down select My Content Storage Report
  2. Understanding the Storage Report - under 'Total Storage', a break-down of the storage used, is available, this includes some Mediasite specific terminology relating to the different revisions of a video:
    1. Head revision is a video's current revision - the revision delivered to students
    2. Intermediate revision is all revisions made in the web-editor prior to the current (head) one. These are saved for historical and recovery purposes
    3. Archived revision is the originally uploaded file
  3. From the Storage Report select the check-box left to each presentation that you want to remove revisions from
  4. Once you have made the selections click on the red button Delete, then from the drop-down you have three selections to choose from:
    1. Selected Presentations
    2. Selected Intermediate Revisions
    3. Selected Archive Revisions
  5. From the selection you will either want to remove ‘Intermediate Revisions’ or ‘Archive Revisions’
  6. When the confirmation message appears, click OK.
  • Uploaded media
  • Videos created with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR)
  • Vodcasts and Podcasts
  • Revision editing history automatically saved in the Web-editor.

When Mediasite ingests a video it creates and keeps multiple versions for distribution and this is what is reported in storage.

By default the system will create the following:

  • A smooth streaming version
  • A progressive MP4 version (required for playback on iOS)
  • It also stores the originally uploaded media
  • Any media edited out using the web-editor
  • And any additional versions such as Vodcasts and Podcasts.

Videos created by in-room devices, such as Auto-captured lectures or Ad-hoc recordings, do not utilise personal storage and instead use centrally managed institutional storage.

Quick find Mediasite guides

  • Web-editor (Mediasite's online video editor)
    • Accessing the Web-editor
    • Editing with the Web-editor
    • Top and tail (altering the start and finish of the video)
    • Remove video (have audio and slides only)
    • Adding/removing chapters
    • Editing slides