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Mediasite FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

From our recent webinar and online open hours we have collated the most frequently asked questions relating to using Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR).

No. If you access your Mediasite dashboard on your mobile device and press the Add Media button you will only be presented with the option to upload a file from your device.

You can only register the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) software by accessing your Mediasite dashboard. To do this:

  • Access your Mediasite dashboard.
  • Click the Add Media button.
  • Select the Click Here link after the “Already downloaded the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, but not registered?” sentence.
    • If the software is already running, it will register automatically. Otherwise follow the pop-up window prompt to open MDR.exe to launch the software to complete the registration process.

mediasite add media upload section

The slideshow + audio recording is recommended as it reduces the file size required to generate and upload the recording. This helps to reduce the turnaround time in processing the recordings in My Mediasite and makes it easier for students to watch the recording via their subject, especially if they are using a slower internet connection.

  • Ask the student if it opens or if they get an authorisation error message.
  • If they are getting an error message:
    • First, check that the recording has been made 'Viewable'.
    • Then, check that the recording’s viewing permissions are not set to "Only Me".
    • Lastly, check that the recording has been published to your subject correctly.

If the recording was copied across from another subject, you may need to publish the recording again to ensure your students in the current subject can view it.

If these settings have been checked and students still do not have access, please contact the IT Helpdesk or lodge a LearnJCU help request for further assistance.

No. Publishing Mediasite recordings to your subject via the Content Market will not impact on your subject’s quota.

This publishing process is our recommended practice for inserting video content into your subject, as it prevents the subject from exceeding its quota while providing simple, secure access to the recording for subject members.

From your Mediasite dashboard, select Add Media and then Browse Files... choose the option I want to upload a file from my computer. Locate your required content in the directory and select Open.

NOTE: You should keep the browser window open until you receive a Success message indicating a successful media upload.

You can use the Mediasite Web-Editor to make basic edits.

Saving edited recordings can take significant time for the changes to take effect and is not an encouraged practice, as per the Academic Requirements Information Pack 2020 (PDF, 2290 KB).

If editing a recording is necessary, please ensure that you only save the recording once you have made all necessary changes.

Any Mediasite-related queries or problems can be reported by lodging a ServiceNow ticket (JCU login required). Our team will help to resolve any issues that arise. If you have a question you can attend our online open office hours running daily.

If you are installing MDR on a JCU Windows computer you will also need to run the Make Me Admin program before commencing installation to have the necessary permissions. This is not required for Mac computers.

Due to core changes in macOS Catalina the current version of Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) will not run in this operating system.

You can install and run a later release of this software offering, Mediasite Mosaic. Download instructions for installing and operating the software.

Students cannot use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) to create presentations, however, they could record via another method and upload their presentation as an unlisted YouTube link.

If the presentation needs an audience and the student is required to answer questions after they present, then Collaborate should be used.

When creating the Collaborate Session change the Default Attendee Role to Presenter (under Session Settings).

As a Presenter, students can present without having full Moderator privileges. Presenters can upload, share, edit, and stop sharing content. They can also see hand raise notifications and can lower hands.

Student cannot use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) software to create presentations.

If the assessment needs to be presented to an audience and the student is required to answer questions after their presentation, then Collaborate should be used. To allow students to present in Collaborate, their access will need to be changed from Participant to Presenter. Learn about the different roles in Collaborate and how to change an attendee’s access.

If you have removed your recording in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) software, the recording content stored on your computer will be deleted but the recording will remain in your Mediasite dashboard online (so long as it was previously uploaded).

If you delete a Mediasite dashboard recording that was created using the MDR, you can re-upload the recording from your MDR software. You can do this by:

  • Accessing your Mediasite dashboard
  • Selecting the Add Media option
  • Select I want to upload an existing desktop recording
  • Give the recording a name and press Create and Launch
  • When the MDR software opens, locate the recording you wish to restore and press its corresponding Upload button
  • You will need to wait some time for the recording to be uploaded and restored. Please do not shut your computer/browser down during the upload process.

If the recording was not created in MDR, or if you deleted the recording in MDR as well as your Mediasite dashboard, please create a ServiceNow ticket so that we can attempt to locate and recover your recording.

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