Mediasite myths

Myth: Mediasite videos can easily go viral or be shared on social media

Truth: Unless the creator of a video adjusts the default security settings on a video it cannot be viewed without an active LearnJCU account. Find out how to adjust video security .

Myth:Mediasite rooms are recording 24 hours a day

Truth: Unless the red 'recording' light is lit the devices are not capturing anything.

Myth: Captured lectures will be stored indefinitely

Truth: As changes and demands on storage grows it becomes unreasonable to store captured lectures for more than two years. In fact, as storage demands continue to grow it may be necessary to shorten this time period even further. Six months is the minimum required by Queensland Governments University Sector Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Myth: Presentations recorded in Mediasite are not subject to Australian Copyright Requirements because they never leave the JCU learning environments

Truth: They are, and it is the responsibility of the lecturer to ensure all presentations recorded in Mediasite complies with JCU copyright policy and guidelines, check copyright obligations.

Myth: The system is guaranteed to capture a lecture

Truth: Like any system of sufficient complexity it is not perfect and although everything will be done to ensure lectures are captured correctly it is not guaranteed.

Myth: Students don't need to physically come to lectures if they are recorded

Truth: Research shows that students use lecture videos for review purposes.  Although lectures can be viewed online (normally on the same day they are presented), students should be encouraged to attend and enjoy the learning experience.

There is much more to learning than watching a video online and it is up to the lecturer to promote attendance and engagement with all learning activities.

Myth:The creator of teaching materials, such as videos, owns that content

Truth: The University owns all intellectual property created by a staff member for the purposes of research, teaching and administration in the course of the staff member’s employment at the University.

There are some exceptions to the intellectual property, so it is important that you read JCU’s Intellectual Property Policy for more detail including clause 3.4:

"The University does not assert ownership of copyright in teaching materials written by a staff member.  However, by entering employment with the University staff members grant to the University a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use and adapt their teaching materials.  This licence includes the right to sub-license and to commercially exploit.  The University reserves the right to reach an agreement with a staff member in relation to copyright in teaching materials which varies the terms of this sub-section."

Quick find Mediasite guides

  • Web-editor (Mediasite's online video editor)
    • Accessing the Web-editor
    • Editing with the Web-editor
    • Top and tail (altering the start and finish of the video)
    • Remove video (have audio and slides only)
    • Adding/removing chapters
    • Editing slides