Recording with mobile devices

  1. Record a video with your phone camera
  2. Open a browser on the mobile device
  3. Enter into the address field
  4. Login with your jc number and password (Note: Direct login to mediasite is only available after previously logging in via LearnJCU)
  5. Tap the orange 'Add Media' button
  6. Tap on 'I want to upload a file from my device' (Note: labels for files vary between devices)
  7. Tap 'files' to upload an existing video
  8. Provide a title and tap 'Create Presentation' which will upload the video file
  9. Keep the page open until the 'Success - Media uploaded successfully' pop-up appears
  • Always film in landscape mode as filming vertically often creates playback problems on desktop devices
  • Upload from WiFi where possible to avoid mobile data usage costs
  • Most phones have two camera; a front facing 'selfie' camera and a rear facing camera which normally of a higher quality

Quick find Mediasite guides

  • Web-editor (Mediasite's online video editor)
    • Accessing the Web-editor
    • Editing with the Web-editor
    • Top and tail (altering the start and finish of the video)
    • Remove video (have audio and slides only)
    • Adding/removing chapters
    • Editing slides