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Recording with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR)

Desktop screencast with the MDR

  1. Open the MDR. This can be done via the computer’s application list or by clicking the orange button +Add Media in My Mediasite Dashboard
  2. Once your MDR is open, click on Record. Name the presentation if you haven't already and choose your recording options (six in total). For most teaching activities Slideshow + Audio is recommended
  3. Click on the blue button Next. Confirm that the microphone and the webcam (if being used) are operating. If you have issues with installing the MDR or setting up microphones or webcams contact the IT Helpdesk
  4. Again, click on the blue button Next then choose a capture area, there are three options available:
    • Desktop captures the entire desktop
    • Window allows the capture of a specific application window
    • Region captures a specified area of the screen
  5. Click the green tick
  6. Click the red button Record, the recording will start after a five-second countdown
  7. You can pause the recording at any time by clicking the MDR-pause icon in the system tray or the shortcut key is 'Ctrl + F8', this is also what you will use to finish recording
  8. When you pause your recording, you are presented with three options:
    • Discard Recording
    • Resume Recording
    • Finish Recording
  9. To complete the recording select Finish Recording

Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) is an application for both Windows and Mac. It allows the capture of the desktop and PowerPoint presentations as well as webcam and audio.

  • If you do not have MDR on your computer, here is a guide on Find out how to download and register MDR
  • If you are considering using MDR for assessment purposes please consult the Learning Environments team via the support form
  • The MDR must be registered on each computer in order to deliver the recording to the correct owner. Follow the above method for 'Downloading and registering the MDR'
  • MDR recordings must be stopped manually before the computer is shutdown or the user is logged out or recordings will become unrecoverable
  • Audio quality is important and internal mics can produce poor results. Check your sound quality and consider an external mic or headset
  • There are four recording options:
    • Slideshow + Video
    • Slideshow + Audio (RECOMMENDED)
    • Screencast + Video
    • Screencast + Audio
    • Audio only
    • Video Only
  • The MDR is usable outside of the JCU network. Follow the above method for 'Downloading and registering the MDR'
  • For help with the MDR contact the IT Helpdesk

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