Online marking and feedback

Online marking is the most convenient marking strategy for both staff and students

The online marking facility in Ultra provides staff with options for annotating submissions, marking with a rubric, providing formal feedback in a variety of formats and controlling the release of marks and feedback.

Options to accessing submissions

1: Via the Grade Centre

To initiate the online marking process, click on a student's name or on '1 attempt to grade' in the assessment task in Grade Centre:

Example of ‘1 attempt to grade’ in the assessment task in the Grade Centre

2: Via the assessment item

Alternatively, go to the submission area of the assessment item (drop box) in the relevant assessment folder and click on the number of submissions noted above the settings cog:

Example of submissions noted above the settings cog

Options to providing feedback

1: Annotation of student submission

The online marking page offers the facility to annotate a student’s submission with a drawing tool, a text highlighter and or the insertion of typed comments. After you post the grade, Ultra provides a PDF version for your records. Students access their annotated submission in their grade book when you Post the grades.

Intro to BB Annotate (2 minute 2 seconds)
BB Annotate Quick start guide

BB annotate buttons

2: Marking with a rubric

Assign the rubric to the assignment drop box/submission area prior to commencing marking. Marking via  a rubric provides structured feedback directly related to the marking criteria and provides opportunity to facilitate a constructive ‘learning through assessment’ feedback loop.

View a demonstration of marking online with a rubric (1 minute 8 seconds).

Description of feedback and marking icons

3: The feedback panel

The feedback icon appears at the top of the marking submission page. You can add feedback in a variety of formats - from the traditional text based feedback and inserting feedback files, to the more contemporary and personally inclusive strategy of inserting a feedback recording (1 minute 26 seconds) – audio or video. Feedback in the feedback panel should build on the structured rubric feedback to include constructive feedback.

Example of overall feedback panel