Ad-hoc Lecture Capture

An Ad-hoc Recording is created when you manually start/stop a recording in a lecture capture equipped room.

Please note that this process is under review and may change before for the Panopto operation of lecture capture.

Making an Ad-hoc Recording

  1. Turn on the AV System at the lectern
  2. Select your inputs; the main projector will be captured as slides and the presenter's camera as video
  3. Press and hold the red button to start a recording
  4. You can pause by a short-press of the red button
  5. After giving your presentation, press and hold the red button to stop the recording.
Control button

Control button | start - pause - stop

 Control lign on

Control light on

 Control light off

Control light off

  1. Complete the Ad-hoc request form *NEW*
  2. Your request will be processed by the Learning Environments team
  3. A notification via ServiceNow will be sent when your recording is made available in your My Mediasite Dashboard.

Ad-hoc request form

  • Ad-hoc recordings are usually made available within 48 hours but this time period may extend in busy periods
  • Unclaimed Ad-hoc recordings are only stored for thirty days after they are recorded
  • If a recording is not manually stopped it could become so large in size that it is irretrievable
  • VAVS are there to support you in teaching spaces within the Cairns and Townsville campuses
  • Check your audio levels on the AV system (if equipped) to ensure sound is being captured correctly
  • Using an in-room lapel or roving microphone will improve audio quality
  • Control button:
    • Long-press = Pressing and holding the button for 3.5 seconds starts the next scheduled recording immediately. The light will turn green. When no scheduled recording is upcoming an ad-hoc recording will be made.
    • Short-press = Pressing and releasing the button pauses the recording. The light will turn yellow. Pausing does not stop the capture. It is still recording but an edit will be inserted so students do not see the content
    • Short press = Pressing and releasing the button unpauses the recording.
    • Long-press = Pressing and holding for 3.5 seconds stops the recording. The light will turn off.
  • Recording light:
    • Green = recording
    • Yellow = paused
    • Red = Faulted/Disconnected
    • No illumination = off

For more information visit Video Capture Guidelines

Advice for students

A presentation "How we are using Lecture Capture (PPTX, 795 KB)" has been created, please feel free to adapt it and use it to introduce Lecture Capture to your students. The last slide includes a link to a great guide for students (PDF, 1267 KB) by Nordmann et al. (2018), it tells students how they can use Lecture Capture effectively for learning.