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LTSE Online Teaching Tools Subject Site Banners

Subject Site Banners

Banners available in LearnJCU

As part of the November LearnJCU update release, lecturers and site editors can upload an image that is the thumbnail in the Subjects' grid view and a banner inside the subject site. This new feature will help students identify their subject at glance and help to distinguish subjects from one another.

After testing this feature, we have found that images sized at 1200 x 240 pixels, with a focal point near the centre, work best in the various views and screen sizes. To get you started, we have cropped a series of JCU images you can use. If you decide to upload your own, we recommend you use a large image with high resolution quality (if your image shows pixilation it is likely too small) .

For accessibility, we recommend you do not add any text to the image as it is for decorative purposes only.

Subject site banners - ready to go

To download an image below, click on one, then right-click and select 'Save as' from the dropdown menu. You can upload any one of these to your subject site. Watch the video above to find out how.