The known issue:

When attempting to add a content type to a content area in a course, users are presented with an error stating: "Before you can search for content, your Blackboard System Administrator must configure the Building Block with valid API keys. Error message: Missing Timestamp." Instructors are unable to advance past this error and add the course to their site.

The workaround: courses must be located and embedded manually to LearnJCU sites until this problem is fixed by the vendor.

  1. Locating the Lynda course

    You'll need to log into the Lynda service first by navigating to, clicking the 'Sign In' link in the top right hand corner, entering your JCU email (, and then entering your JCU credentials when you are redirected to the Central Authentication Service (jc number and password).

    Once you are logged in to Lynda with your institutional account, there are three different ways to easily find Course URLs.

    1. Using the Share option from the course.
      In the upper right-hand corner of every course page, you will find a Share option. Select Share, then Copy to easily copy the Course URL specific to your organization – this option will automatically append ? to the end of the Course URL.
    2. Inspecting the URL from your web browser’s address bar.
      For example, the course Up and Running with Bash Scripting has the URL Your Single Sign-On URL to this course would be
    3. Downloading the course master list from
      The downloaded .csv file will include the Course URL for every course published in the library. Simply append ? to the end of the Course URL.

  2. Embedding the Lynda course

    1. Navigate to a LearnJCU subject where you are an Instructor and ensure that Edit Mode is set to ON.
    2. Navigate to the content area where you would like the Lynda course to reside, then select the Build Content menu, and select the Web Link option.
    3. Give your Web Link a Name. You can use the course title (e.g. Up and Running with Bash Scripting) as your Web Link Name.
    4. For the URL, enter the course URL obtained in step 1.
    5. For the Web Links Options, select Yes for Open in New Window.
    6. Ensure that Permit Users to View this Content is set to Yes so your students can access the course.
    7. Select Submit to finish creating the web link.