It is important to monitor how students are engaging with the subject materials and participating in face-to-face and online elements.

Learning analytics enables educators to track activity and provide feedback to support learning. A range of tools are available that can be used to review and improve the use of content and learning activities.

Use these tools to identify students in need of support and enable resources to be provided as appropriate.

The data can also be used to improve the student experience and curriculum design through reflection on student access considerations and subject site design.

Supported technologies

Analytics for LearnJCU

Analytics for Learn extracts and integrates staff, student and organisational data from LearnJCU and existing JCU information systems to create a series of new reports for academic staff with a focus on real-time learning, teaching and student engagement.

→ Blackboard Analytics for LearnJCU

Subject Reports

Subject Reports provides a graphical summary of site usage and activity for all or selected students between nominated dates.

→ Subject reports (Blackboard Help)

Question Analysis

Question analysis provides statistics on overall performance, assessment quality, and individual questions. This data helps you recognise questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance.

→ Question Analysis (Blackboard Help)

Student Activity for Assessment

See when your students opened, started, and submitted tests and assignments with the Student Activity report. In general, this feature looks and functions the same whether you're working in an Original or Ultra course.

→ Student Activity (Blackboard Help)

Subject Activity Related to Grades

With this data, you can identify and assist students who are working hard but still struggling. You can encourage students to increase their activity in online course materials to help bolster their grade. And, you can congratulate students whose hard work is paying off!

→ Subject Activity (Blackboard Help)

Discussion Performance and Analytics

Discussion analytics provide you with insights to forum participants and activity. This information can help you identify students who are participating or may need help and encouragement.

→ Discussion Performance and Analytics (Blackboard Help)

Performance Dashboard (Original Subject View)

The Performance Dashboard collates a range of student performance data including Days since last site access, Review Status of content items, contributions to Discussion Boards and number of Early Warning conditions met.

→ Performance Dashboard (Blackboard Help)