Create Studio

A self-service recording studio

— to help you create quality self-service recordings

The use of video in learning and teaching has seen significant growth.  It is used to orientate students to a subject via introductory videos and media content is also used to engage students and support them in their learning.

The Studio has been designed to help you quickly and easily produce quality self-service recordings.

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Studios are located in the Cairns (A1.240) and Townsville (134.120) campus.

Create Studio Example 1 Create Studio Example 2

What to expect

  • Prepare a script and rehearse
    Before booking the studio take a look at some tips on creating an introductory video, including an example script (PDF, 65 KB) that highlights what points to cover. Rehearse what you will say before your booking to make full use of your allocated studio time.
  • Book the studio
    Complete the booking form. Once you have done this you will receive a follow-up email with calendar invite to confirm your booking.
  • Access the studio
    Someone from the Create Team will meet you there to let you in.
  • Become familiar
    When you are let in you will also be shown around the room and equipment.
  • Get support
    Should you need any further help while in the studio you can contact us. There will be contact details provided.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What should I bring?

A: Before booking the Create Studio session check our tips on creating an introductory video, and look at preparing and rehearsing a script example (PDF, 65 KB).

Q: Where does my video go?

A: To your My Mediasite Dashboard, from there you can bring your media into LearnJCU as described in the Mediasite guides.

Q: How can I edit my video?

A: You can use the Mediasite Web Editor for minor edits of your video.

Q: How do I add the video to my subject site?

A: Use the guide to publish Mediasite videos to LearnJCU.

Do you still have questions?

Contact the Create Team via