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Sharing a MP4 link in the Mediasite player

Don't have a downloadable link yet? Find out how to first create an MP4 or MP3 file, then, this file can be shared

  1. After your MP4 file has been created (this may take some time), return to the presentation’s properties page
  2. Under the video preview click on the second tab Delivery
  3. Scroll down and under the heading ‘VIDEO PODCAST (COMPOSITE)’ copy the URL next to the text “File Server Url:”
  4. In the right-hand menu click on the menu point Edit
  5. In the pop-out window ‘Edit Presentation’, scroll down to the section Links and click on the button + Add Link
  6. Paste your copied URL into the field Link URL and add the display text in the field above Link Name
  7. Click the blue button Add New Link
  8. Back in the pop-out window ‘Edit Presentation’, click the blue button Save (top-right).

Students can find the link by clicking on the Example of the i icon ‘i-icon’ on the Mediasite player. If the downloadable link shows in a browser they can right-click to Save video to their computer.

Things to know about creating downloadable file

Streaming video files is the best practice, however, in circumstances where playback is causing an issue for students you may provide a downloadable file.

A few things to consider before doing this:

  • Try delivering the videos in smaller chunks as these can perform better on slower connections
  • More of your storage space will be used when creating Vodcast and Podcasts. As it will include the default versions; smooth-streaming and progressive MP4 (required for playback on iOS devices), as well as, the Vodcasts or Podcasts files
  • Students will be asked to re-authenticate in order to download Vodcasts or Podcasts as no authentication pass through is possible with direct links
  • MP3's must be downloaded and then re-uploaded to LearnJCU via  the Build Content Menu and then selecting Audio
  • Once downloaded, videos can be easily distributed outside of JCU.

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