Using Mediasite for Assessment

Mediasite can be used for uploading Video Assessment but requires careful consideration and consultation with the Learning Environments team to help ensure student success.

Please contact the Learning Environments Team in advance so that technical preparations can be arranged and correct advice is provided to students.

Important things to know about using Mediasite for video assessment

The system is capable of ingesting over a hundred different video formats, however, it is important to consider the following:

  • File size and internet upload speeds. Not all home internet connections are suitable for uploading even moderately sized videos

  • Student use of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder is disabled

  • For large files; upload them from campus and via a wired connection

  • Only limited technical support is available for BYO Student Devices

  • Mediasite can take up to double the run-time of a video to transcode for distribution. For example; a ten minute video will take roughly twenty minutes until it is ready for playback.

  • Uploading media adds to your personal 'My Mediasite Storage'.

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