Online secure exams

Overview of the Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

Helping to reduce potential cheating in online exams and verifying the identity of the students undertaking the assessment. Respondus Lockdown Browser is still in a trail phase at JCU. In order to use Respondus please confer with LTSE as licenses are limited and technical requirements must be considered.

Getting started

Watch these videos

Introduction to LockDown Browser for Students
Youtube video, 2m:24s
This introductory video explains the basic features of LockDown Browser, and how it deters cheating during proctored, online tests.

Preparing a Test for use with LockDown Browser in Blackboard Learn
Youtube video, 1m:58s
Here you'll learn how to prepare a Blackboard Learn test so it requires students to use LockDown Browser.

Preparing a Test for use with LockDown Browser and Monitor
Youtube video, 4m:40s
Respondus Monitor builds upon the LockDown Browser technology by using a webcam to record students during an exam. Suspicious behaviour is automatically flagged, such as leaving the computer during the exam, or a different person entering the video frame.


Respondus LockDown Browser:

  • Is a custom web browser that locks down the testing environment within LearnJCU
  • Prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications
  • Locks students into a test until until they submit it for grading
  • Can be used on Windows, Mac or iOS devices (iOS option not currently supported at JCU).

Respondus Monitor (limited licenses): 

  • Is a companion product for LockDown Browser designed for use when students take an online test in a non-invigilated setting (eg. off-campus)
  • Uses the student’s webcam on their own computer to record assessment sessions within LearnJCU
  • Records the student and the surrounding environment during the entire exam
  • Allows lecturers to quickly review details of the assessment or watch the recorded video
  • In order to use Respondus Monitor please confer with LTSE as licenses are limited and technical requirements must be considered.

Lockdown Browser

Download Respondus Lockdown Browser (Windows and Mac)

Please note: The Respondus Lockdown Browser app for iPad is not currently supported at JCU. Students have two options for taking an online test with Respondus enabled:

  1. On-campus students must use a computer in a Respondus-enabled computer lab designated by the College (lecturers will need to inform students of a suitable lab to use).
  2. Off-campus students must use a desktop or laptop computer and install Respondus Lockdown Browser using the link above. Students should undertake a practice test (provided by the lecturer), ensure their webcam is working (where this is a requirement), ensure they have a reliable internet connection (preferably wired), and ensure they use the same computer for the actual test.


Rooms with Respondus installed

Not all JCU computers or JCU labs are equipped to work with Respondus. Although the Lockdown Browser is deployed to the following rooms you must check these rooms have the most recent version of Respondus before sitting mass tests. Contact the IT Help desk.

Townsville Campus:

  • 002 (101,102,103,104,107)
  • 015-003
  • 015-012
  • 034-011A
  • 039
  • 039-047
  • 041-007
  • 042-102
  • 046
  • 094-203
  • 102-001
  • 134-021
  • 142-020
  • 142-021

Cairns Campus:

  • A1-013B
  • B1-004
  • B1-030
  • B1-121
  • E1-012
  • E1-014
  • E1-015
  • E1-017


Q. Why can't I see my completed test paper when I click my test score in My Grades (LearnJCU) for a Respondus-enabled test?

A. You will need to log into LearnJCU with Respondus Lockdown Browser then go to My Grades and click your test score to view your test paper.