Administration requests

I would like to merge subject sites

Two or more subjects can be merged into a single site to make it more efficient to manage subject materials and communications.

→ Request a Subject Merge via StaffOnline

I would like to transfer/copy my subject site to a new teaching period

As subjects are now in Ultra you can copy content from one subject to the next (this includes copying content from an Ultra Preview Site). If you have any questions, send them through to:

→  Ask LearnJCU via ServiceNow

I would like to create an organisation site

Staff can request a organisation site (formerly known as community site) for an online environment to share resources and collaborate with peers in a specific area of interest.

→ Request a new Organisation Site via StaffOnline

I require help in LearnJCU

Check guides or make contact with the Learning Environments Team.

→ LearnJCU guides
→ Ask LearnJCU via ServiceNow

Ultra specific question? Call the Ultra Hotline 07 4781 6807 (available until the end of the year 2019 from 9am-12pm Monday to Friday).

I would like to report an issue in LearnJCU

Report an issue in LearnJCU. Check known issues to see if your issue has a workaround.

→ Report an Issue via ServiceNow

Before requesting help try looking through our guides and known issues.

LearnJCU help request