provides online, course-based video instruction for information technology, business, communication, design, education and creative skills.

There are over 3,000 courses and 130,000 videos, is geared to beginner, intermediate and advanced users from all disciplines. is freely available to all JCU staff and students

Features of include its ability to track what you've done, and take you back to where you left off. It also stores customised playlists of courses you want to do, and allows you to move sequentially through a course or simply pick the components you want or need.

To develop or update your technical skills and abilities, log in to using your JCU username and password. JCU Login

Embedding in LearnJCU provides a searchable library of 3,000+ courses and 130,000+ videos on almost any topic that can be embedded into your subject site.

Add a course to LearnJCU in an Original subject site

  1. Log in to your LearnJCU subject site and turn Edit mode ON (top right corner)
  2. Navigate to the content area where the Lynda course is to be added (eg. Learning Resources)
  3. From the Build Content pulldown choose course
  4. In the Search field type a topic or keyword to display all relevant courses then click the Searchbutton. Alternatively, Browse the categories on the right to locate a relevant Lynda course
  5. Select a course from those listed and click the Add button below the course description
  6. Click the Save button to embed the Lynda course in your subject site
  7. Launch the course by clicking it’s name
  8. If you are not already logged into JCU Central Authentication you will be redirected to this page
  9. Log in with your JCU username and password to authenticate yourself then return to your LearnJCU site to access your Lynda course. App

Short online, course-based video instructions

Current JCU staff and students have full access to and can use it to up-skill on software, information technology, business, communication, design, education and creative skills.


  • Access 10,000+ expert-led courses
  • Get personalised course recommendations
  • Watch anytime on your computer or phone
  • Use project files to practice while you learn