Exam Checkpoints

(Weeks 10 – Exams)


Common student questions: Exam Questions, Important Dates.

Staff guides, resources and useful links: Library teaching support services

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Advise students of the format and structure of the exam. Some examples of past exam papers are available online, via Reserve Online.

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Encourage students to access tips for exam success.

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Demonstrate how to double check the examination timetable and discuss
what students are allowed to bring into the exam. Give students the website details for exams: http://www.jcu.edu.au/student/assessment/index.htm

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Remind students to register with the AccessAbility Services if they have a disability, health condition or injury that may impact upon exam performance.

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Release past exam papers to the Library by ticking the “Release” box on the exam paper. For more information contact: Exams-Townsville@jcu.edu.au. Students can access their results on eStudent approximately three weeks after the end of each teaching period.

NOTE: Students appreciate the opportunity to test themselves under exam conditions using examples of past papers.

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Encourage suitable students to apply to be a Student Mentor, so they can help your future students.

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