LTSE Major Projects Viral Networks Aims, key findings and further reading

OLT Going Viral Project

Project aims

The OLT funded project set out to:

  1. Identify and map existing informal networks at JCU
  2. Use the viral leadership framework to describe network actions and interactions, and
  3. Recommend approaches for supporting existing networks and establishing new ones.

Key findings

  • Active ‘in-network’ professional development that focuses on a limited number of learning technologies
  • Significant, informal sharing of ideas and approaches to learning technology use
  • A lack of time to learn and enact the learning technologies
  • Insufficient central institutional support

Further reading

Herrero, L. (2010) Changing the way we think about change: how does Viral Change™ work?

Meldrum, K. (in review) Going Viral! How viral networks support and sustain learning technology use.

Meldrum, K., Smith, K., Knight, C. and Sheppard, K. (2016) Going Viral: Exploring opportunities for whole of institution collaborations that enhance student learning. Final project report to the Office for Learning and Teaching.

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Going Viral Final Report