An exemplar of Audio-Visual marking

LTSE Major Projects Good Practice Project An exemplar of Audio-Visual marking

An exemplar of Audio-Visual marking

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The James Cook University ‘Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy’ espouses nine Core Principles essential to world-class education. The seventh principle states that ‘Approaches to teaching are varied and adaptive to new demands in learning and will include effective use of appropriate technologies and innovation’. This exemplar shows how Dr Wilkinson has been developing an alternate approach to marking which, he claims, creates a positive experience for the student and the lecturer. The student can watch and listen as the lecturer ‘walks through’ the assessment suggesting how improvements can be made. This method moves beyond the seemingly confrontational and negative approach of ‘correcting’ mistakes. It links with the pedagogy of ‘writing as a mode of learning’. Importantly, audio-visual marking makes much more efficient use of time by allowing the lecturer convey much more than the written word. All this is conducted using readily available or cheap software. The software and the techniques can be learned in less than a couple of hours.

Dr Roger Wilkinson teaches in the Discipline of Sociology and he explains, not just the mechanics of marking in this innovative manner, but the immense satisfaction that can be experienced through using this method. Marking can become an energizing experience rather than an energy-zapping experience.

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