Australia's University for the Tropics Project - Resources

Australia's University for the Tropics Project - Resources

Throughout the Australia's University for the Tropics Project, our academic staff focused on a range of themes as part of developing a distinctive curriculum. A comprehensive list of resources relating to these themes has been complied here.

Background documents informing the Curriculum Refresh project

Curriculum reviews in other universities:

Curriculum Development - Design and Assessment

  • OLT - Office of Learning and Teaching – Assessment links.
  • Assessment 2020 paper - UTS Assessment Futures
  • AQF - JCU implementation plan 2013
  • AUTC - Australian Universities Teaching Committee – Assessment good practice directory.
  • Biggs, J. 2003 - Aligning teaching for constructing learning
  • Biggs, J. 2002 - Aligning the curriculum to promote good learning
  • Bovill et al - Curriculum Design for the First Year (UK)
  • Brown, Sally - Fit for purpose assessment presentation
  • Enhancement themes website - For publications including Curriculum Directions and latest news in the field
  • Griffith University - Good practice and curriculum alignment, a case study.
  • Hicks, O. 2007 - Curriculum Design in Higher Education in Australia
  • HEA (Higher Education Academy UK ) - General assessment resources
  • Krause, 2009 – First Year Engagement, What role does curriculum play? ALTC Curriculum Design Symposium
  • PASS project – UK Program assessment strategies
  • Race, P – Downloads of assessment workshops
  • Reaburn et al 2009 - Blended spaces, work based learning and constructive alignment: Impacts on student engagement
  • Scenario-based Learning – JCU resource

First Year Experience

A selection of Sally Kift’s work can be found below:

Other reports and papers:


  • First Year: Engagement and Empowerment – Part of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the UK, the page links to papers on first year engagement and empowerment
  • First Year in Higher Education (FYHE) – a virtual centre for researchers and practitioners that bring together the FYHE Conference, the International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education and a suite of FYHE resources. The website includes information on transition pedagogy and provides case studies and good practice guides.

Other authors in the field:

  • Kerri-Lee Krause list of publications – Professor Kerri-Lee Krause is nationally and internationally recognised for her research on the contemporary undergraduate student experience and implications for quality and standards in institutional settings.
  • Keithia Wilson list of publications – Professor Keithia Wilson is the GIHE Senior Fellow of the First Year Experience and the Health IDEAS Program Director of the First Year Experience. She works with academic, professional and administrative staff to further develop practice in first year orientation, engagement and retention at Griffith.

Flexible Learning

Online resources:

  • Article: Influence of Learning Styles on Graphical User Interface Preferences for e-Learners by Velimir Dedić, Suzana Marković
  • Indicator Tool: A learning readiness measure for students to determine their online vs F2F readiness by Columbus State Community College
  • A free online textbook: "Pebblegogy" that helps educators utilise Pebblepad for maximised personal learning spaces
  • Some useful mobile learning examples, tied to considered pedagogical approaches via the Merlot Pedagogy Portal
  • AFLF (Australian Flexible Learning Framework) – resource centre
  • OLT (ALTC) resource – Peer review of online learning and teaching
  • E-learning Journals – links to international publications and case studies
  • Higher Education Academy (UK) – flexible learning resources
  • JISC network (UK)
  • UNSW – learning to teach online

JCU staff awards for flexible learning 2012:

  • Galloway, Kate - For outstanding leadership in developing a flexible learning environment in teaching Law, based on critical reflection and in response to evidence of student needs.
  • Fleischmann, Katja - For the implementation of a new learning and teaching model for digital media design students in order to enhance real-world learning and graduate employability.
  • Sorin, Reesa - For the design and implementation of pedagogies that personalise and humanise the online learning environment.
    Zeldenryk, Lynne – T and L Academy Fellowship

Graduate Attributes

Indigenous Perspectives

  • ACER – Indigenous Education, links to policies and reports
  • ACER Indigenous Education – Pathways to Success Conference 2011 (links to each day of the conference and then to each paper presented)
  • Butler, K and Young, A - Indigenisation of Curricula – Intent, Initiatives and Implementation.
  • Cupitt, C - Indigenising the unit ‘Engaging in the Humanities’
  • DETA – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan 2010-2014
  • DETA - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy
  • DETA – Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in schools
  • Everett, K - Affecting change through assessment: improving indigenous studies programs using engaging assessment
  • Federal Government - Indigenous Education Portal
  • Fijn, N. ANU E-Press - Indigenous participation in Australian economies, II: historical engagements and current enterprises.
  • Goldfinch et al, 2010 - Encouraging cultural awareness in engineering students
  • QIECC - Queensland Indigenous Education Consultative Committee (government departments, journals, universities)
  • Loban, H. (2011) Embedding Indigenous Perspectives in Business Law. e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship of Teaching Vol. 5, No. 2, 2011, pp: 11 - 21.
    Mabo Lecture 2012 (video)
  • McLaughlin, J and Whatman, S - Embedding Indigenous Perspectives in University Teaching and Learning: Lessons learnt and Possibilities of reforming/decolonising curriculum. Links to other publications by Susan Whatman.
  • Nakata, M – Professor Martin Nakata is a member of JCU’s Curriculum Refresh Reference Group. He is widely published in the area of Indigenous education.
  • Nakata et al - Decolonial goals and pedagogies for Indigenous Studies
  • National Best Practice Framework


Sustainability and the tropics

Sustainability online resources:

Tropics online resources:

Work integrated learning and capstones

Work integrated learning resources

Capstones online resources:

  • Flinders University – Teaching students in their final year using capstone topics.
  • Holdsworth et al - Developing capstone experiences, University of Melbourne and CSHE
  • McNamara et al (2010) – WIL as a component of the capstone experience in undergraduate law.
  • McNamara et al – Capstones: Transitions and professional identity – discussion paper.
  • Outduction – UK resource – enhancing the final year experience
  • Programme Assessment Strategies PASS
  • University of Gloucestershire in the UK - Rethinking the final year projects and dissertations
  • Sargent et al (US) – Developing leadership skills through a capstone subject.
  • Watty and Holdsworth (2010) – Assessing capstone experiences.

Resources for course coordinators

Publications and presentations arising from our projects

A majority of these papers are available through ResearchOnline@JCU, a repository of publicly funded research that is freely available to the community. It enables access to JCU’s research publications, including those with full-text where copyright and confidentiality conditions permit. Consult the author(s) and publisher for current information on reproduction of these papers/parts of these papers.

Balatti, J. & Belward, S. 2012, Working through the practice architectures of first year university mathematics teaching. Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the MERGA. Mathematics education: expanding horizons (MERGA 2012), 2–6 July 2012, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore , pp. 827-830.

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