Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) Project

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Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) Project

A scenario can be a near-world situation, a descriptive set of circumstances, a critical incident, even a partial life/story narrative. Scenarios usually contain human actors, a storyline or plot (often incomplete), an invitation to solve a problem, demonstrate an acquired skill, explore an issue/concern, and/or to speculate on alternative outcomes.

Scenario-based learning can be an effective stratagem for getting students closer to the realities of their intended profession through the construction and deconstruction of authentic learning experiences.

Scenarios have much in common with film, theatre and television. They usually have credible roles, a motivator/twist, an authentic storyline, a challenge, an emotional dimension, high points, and a resolution. These components can be motivating when applied to theoretical-practical bridges of the discipline/professional area.

The project collected SBL resources as well as video presentations from teaching staff at JCU who successfully use SBL in their teaching.



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