What are the scenario options

What are the scenario options

Together four main scenario options based on using skills, problems, issues and speculation incorporate the majority of scenario offerings in tertiary education.

The four main kinds of scenarios:

  1. Skills-based: is used to deliver fundamental knowledge. Here opportunities are given for students to demonstrate acquired skills, abilities, attitudes and basic understandings of complex procedures.
  2. Problem-based: - helps students integrate their theoretical understandings with practical knowledge in demanding ways. Decision-making and critical analyses are incorporated into the problem-based scenario process.
  3. Issues-based: are used to explore concerns that underpin or influence an area of study/practice. Students have the opportunity to take a stand on an issue, and importantly understand more clearly the impact of human interests on (professional) decision-making.
  4. Speculative-based: allow students to contemplate a range of past, present, and future factors that influence their work.

Panning for scenario learning:

  • Decide what you want students to learn specifically from engaging in the scenario process
  • Identify key themes and concepts - locating where the scenario will best fit within the course of study
  • Choose a scenario option to meet learning intentions:
    • skill-based
    • problem-based
    • issues-based
    • speculative-based
  • Draft a clear scenario descriptor (Will this be one line? A full description of an event?)
  • Decide how students will engage with the scenario. Directly (eg as in role-play, discussion, debate) or indirectly (as in an individual/ group responses on paper), or a mixture
  • Identify clear participatory roles/perspectives to be assumed/ explored
  • Decide on tasks and target questions to guide scenario investigation
  • Determine how students will report back on task completion
  • Decide how learning will be monitored and opportunities given for reflection
  • Gather appropriate resources to support scenario learning