Library About Improving the Library Client Surveys Improvements Made Since The 2015 Survey

Improvements Made Since The 2015 Survey

Action Plan for the 2015 Library Client Survey Results (Cairns and Mabo Libraries)

You said

We did/Are doing

More computers, laptop facilities (power), wireless access

  • The University updated the wireless network in the Cairns Campus Library and the Mabo Library. Further updates are planned in 2016.
  • The 212 computers (PCs and Macs) in the Mabo Library and the 147 computers in the Cairns Campus Library have been replaced and a new  image has been installed for the 2016 academic year.

More quiet places  in the libraries to study and more places in the libraries to work in groups

  • We have removed  some of the shelving in the Mabo Library on the first floor to create 6 new  group places for quiet study.
  • We have  relocated some of the casual seating on the first floor, Mabo Library to  reduce noise transfer from the void to the 2nd floor.
  • More beanbag  seating has been added for students to chill out on.
  • More mobile whiteboards have been acquired for student use in 2016.

Improvements to library  facilities

  • A new outdoor seating area at the south west  Café entrance to the Mabo Library was opened in 2015 and includes
  • Access to power and JCU Wi-Fi (Eduroam)
  • Bike racks
  • Sheltered tables and seating
  • In Cairns, we have refurbished some of the computer carrels on the 2nd floor. We  anticipate further refurbishment on the ground floor in 2016 as we create  more student study and learning spaces.
  • Refurbishments were made to the AccessAbility area at the Mabo Library
  • In November 2015, we opened a student kitchenette at the Mabo Library,  just outside of the 24 hr Information Commons.
  • Virtual tours of the Cairns Campus Library and Mabo Library were updated in July 2015 and promoted to students.
  • In January and February 2016, we are refurbishing the  toilets on the first floor, Mabo Library.

Opening hours

  • In 2015, we  trialled longer opening hours at the Mabo Library during study and exam  weeks. The extended hours were very popular so in 2016 we will continue the longer opening hours during study and exam weeks at the Mabo Library and will trial extended hours for the same periods  at the Cairns Campus Library.

Improvements to library collections

  • More e-resources have been added to the collections:
  • 31,723  new eBooks
  • 5,368  new eJournals
  • 463  new streaming video titles
  • Some contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles have been acquired for recreational reading.
  • More than 3,300 out-of-date items have been  removed from the collection. Many from  areas identified by our clients in response to the survey.
  • We have established a schedule to regularly review sections of the print collection to remove superseded material.