Exam Scanning


Client Services staff from Information and Research Services in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Townsville (Building 18) scan multiple choice exam papers for Townsville, Cairns and microcampuses (excluding Brisbane).

All exams are normally scanned and processed, and results emailed, within 48 hours of receipt at the Mabo Library. However, this may take longer during peak times.

Charges: $18.00 per set plus 26 cents per sheet scanned.

Staff are requested to use the Guidelines for Preparing Multiple Choice Question answer sheets and to instruct students on how to correctly complete the MCQ answer sheets at the time of the exam.

Answer sheets are available from the Exam Centre, Building 133 Level 1 (Townsville campus).

The following batches can be scanned at the library:

  • Original orange sheets A-E, code 17831.
  • Original orange sheets A-Z double sided, code 12651.

Note: The library can only process the above answer sheets.  All other answer sheets will be returned to the requestor unprocessed.

How to Submit


All exam batches must include a completed batch header sheet, master answer sheet and students’ answer sheets completed correctly.

Personal Delivery

Deliver exam batches in an internal envelope to the InfoHelp Desk on the ground floor of the Mabo Library (Building 18, Townsville campus). The staff delivering the exams will be requested to sign and date the batch header sheet.

Library staff will check inclusions and sign batch header sheet.

Mail Delivery

Address posted batches using address on batch header sheet.
Email library@jcu.edu.au to confirm that exams have been posted. Client Services staff will acknowledge receipt of batch by return email.

All batches MUST be accompanied by an answer sheet and a completed batch header sheet.

Scanned Results

Four reports are produced from A-E batches (1 Excel file, 3 HTML files). A-Z batches produce one Excel report only.

Reports are normally emailed to the lecturer (or staff member nominated on batch header sheet) within one day of processing.

All material included in the exam batches are returned via internal post to the staff member nominated in the batch header sheet.

Contact Details

Client Services Townsville

Phone: 4781 4503 or 4781 6870

Email: library@jcu.edu.au