Multiple Choice Question answer sheet guidelines for JCU staff

Library About Teaching Support Services Exam Processing Multiple Choice Question answer sheet guidelines for JCU staff

What you need to do:

  • MCQ answer sheets are supplied through your School/Faculty

  • Ensure MCQ the answer sheet has been filled in correctly

  • Check that the students have filled in their MCQ answer sheet completely and correctly before delivery or upon delivery of MCQ answers to Client Services for scanning.  Importantly students need to have completed their answer sheet with their last name then space first  name and valid student number in the correct box and have corresponding dots filled in correctly  to ensure timely processing of the exam

  • Request students only use pencil (2B preferably), black or blue biro to complete the answer sheet. Do not use felt pens.  The scanner utilizes an infrared scanning device and red pen will not scan

  • Complete all details on the Batch Header Request form including the JCU account code

  • Only the MCQ Answer sheets should be delivered – the full exam papers are not required

  • All sheets need to be sorted facing side up with timing marks all on left hand side with Answer key sheet first followed by student answer sheets

  • Do not send mutilated sheets or sheets which have been contaminated with foreign material such as chewing gum, sticky tape, food or drink

  • The Microtest Score Software used for the analysis only allows for one correct answer per question, or any answer correct.  If a student completes 2 answers to a question the software will indicate this in the Individual Response Report.  The lecturer will have to assess whether the student answer is correct and amend that student’s mark