Work Experience Program for Secondary Students

The JCU Library is proud to be actively involved in the library work experience program for secondary students.  It provides secondary students normally in years 10 and 11, located in the local communities in Townsville and Cairns, with the opportunity to experience the activities of an academic library and is a valuable introduction to the library profession.

Most schools have a Work Experience Agreement that is signed by the parent/carer, student, and Principal to cover all liabilities and legal issues.  A copy of this signed agreement must be provided to the JCU Library.

Students participating in the work experience program at the JCU Library are required to complete the JCU Library evaluation form.  This provides the JCU Library with valuable feedback and assists us to improve the program for future work experience students.

Students or their School’s work experience coordinator may register an expression of interest, by completing this form:

Application Form: Work Experience for Secondary Students