Printing (CopyPrint)

Library Connect Printing (CopyPrint)

CopyPrint facilitates Printing, Scanning and Copying services across the Townsville and Cairns campuses. This service primarily uses your JCU card to use devices and should be carried at all times. For information regarding acquiring a card, or misplaced cards, see Student Cards.

Connecting to Print Queues

You can connect to JCU printers from your personal laptop, both for Windows and Mac OSX. You must be connected to the JCU network to print. See JCU Wireless Guide for help connecting your laptop.

For Windows 7 & Windows Vista
For Windows 8
For Mac OSX

CopyPrint Device Support

For instructions on using the JCU Print Devices
See the Device User Guide

Costs, Payments and your Account

CopyPrint costs are spread across a variety of paper sizes and colour options and you can see your current balance, and add money to your account on StudentsOnline or deposit using a cash machine located in the Townsville and Cairns Libraries.

Click here for more information regarding Costs and Payments, or viewing your personal account balance.

Printing Locations

CopyPrint devices are located across JCU’s Townsville and Cairns Campuses. Multi-Function devices with abilities to Print Scan and Copy can be found in the following locations:
In Townsville:

D018 – Townsville Library (all floors)
D002 – Computer Labs
D041 – 007 Computer Lab
D015 – 012 Computer Lab
D034-Hallway – Outside Computer Labs
D039-047 – Computer Lab
D111-011 – Computer Lab
D191-003 – Computer Lab
D258-008 – Computer Lab
D281-009 – Computer Lab
D134 – Hallway
D301 – Hallway

In Cairns:

B1-Cairns Library (all floors)

B1-Cairns Library Computer Lab
E1-014 Computer Lab

You can find print devices (print only) in these locations.

In Townsville:

D004-134 Computer Lab
D010-001 Computer Lab
D014-209 Computer Lab
D015-003 Computer Lab
D017-035 Computer Lab
D134-119 Computer Lab

In Cairns:

A1-013a A1-013b Computer Labs
A4-003 Computer Lab
A4-008 Computer Lab