Login to ScienceDirect

How to login to ScienceDirect

On the top right of most ScienceDirect web pages there is a link to Register (create your own personal ID) and a link to Login.

Why login to ScienceDirect?

Generally JCU users will not need to login to ScienceDirect because the University has purchased or subscribed to collections of most of the journals and back issues relevant to JCU programs. These titles are all listed in the Library catalogue and Ejournals by Title list and do not require a password to access if you are on campus and require only your personal JCU credentials for off campus access. However there are two exceptions where users may need to login:

  • With your own personal ScienceDirect ID you can login to set up Search Alerts or keep track of your research with Saved Searches

  • On application to the Library, post graduate students and staff may obtain a special username and password to access ScienceDirect journals not already available in the Library records

Username/Password access to ScienceDirect Articles

Post graduate students and staff may contact their Liaison Librarian for a password for controlled "pay per view" access to download articles from ScienceDirect titles not purchased, not already available and not included in Library records. After login just follow the on-screen prompts; the entitlements option to select is “James Cook University, Transactional Ids”. (NOTE: do not click the “continue button” more than once per screen.)

Associated costs are met by the Library; however to avoid unnecessary expenditure or abuse please comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Don't reveal the password to anyone

  2. Don't try to change the password or email address

  3. Read the abstract and consider whether the article is essential and not available from another source before downloading

  4. If you want to save the article choose the PDF version

Contact your Liaison Librarian if you require more information or assistance.