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Copyright information for repository users

Unless otherwise stated, the works in ResearchOnline@JCU are protected by copyright. Copyright is retained by the copyright owners -- author(s) and/or publisher(s).

Copyright owners generally have the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, communicate, or make an adaptation of their works. Users wishing to use works for purposes other than private research and study, or other use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, must obtain permission from the copyright owners/holders. Attribution of authorship is essential. Any excerpts, quotations or paraphrasing should be fully referenced.

You must not change any of the material or remove any part of any copyright notice.

Metadata rights

ResearchOnline@JCU metadata can be harvested by third parties for purposes related to the discovery of the archive's contents. However, harvesting the full text documents is not permitted.


The information is intended as a general guide to repository users.

You are also directed to the JCU Terms of Use which contains important information for your visit and use of this site including copyright infringement notification.