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Copyright Warning Notices for Staff

James Cook University pays licence fees allowing staff to copy and communicate texts and images, music and TV and radio broadcasts for educational purposes. Staff are required to display the following prescribed notices with the material they copy or communicate under licence.

TV and radio broadcast notices and labels

A prescribed notice must appear at the beginning, or immediately before the broadcast reproductions communicated to students electronically (e.g. via email or online via LearnJCU). There is no prescribed size for the notice but it must be legible. The wording of the notice cannot be changed.

Get the TV and radio broadcast notice here

Each analogue copy of a broadcast (such as a video tape, or its container) must be labelled with required information including the date of the broadcast and the date the copy was made.

Get the TV and radio broadcast labels here

Texts (books, journals, plays sheet music) notices

A prescribed notice must appear on, or immediately before all electronic copies made under the print and graphic statutory licence. There is no prescribed size for the notice but it must be legible. The wording of the notice cannot be changed.

You do not need to attach the notice to hardcopy reproductions such as class handouts and readers.

Get the print and graphic notice here.

Music notice

The music licence requires that all copies of music made under the licence carry a prescribed notice plus full details of the title, composer, lyricist, arranger, artist/group and record company.

Get the music notice here.

JCU Books of Readings

A copyright notice is to be included on the front or verso page of all printed books of readings produced for and used with JCU subjects/courses. The date will need to be changed to reflect the current year that the books are produced and distributed.

Copying for persons with print disabilities

Information about notices and marking requirements for copies made to assist persons with print disabilities is available here.

Photocopiers, Scanners and Computer notices

All equipment capable of copying either print and graphic material (such a photocopiers) or audio-visual material (such as PCs or DVD/video recorders) for student use must have A4 size hard copy notices displayed next to them. This is a legal requirement that protects the university and must be strictly adhered to. The appropriate notices are:

A Copyright and Network Conditions of Use Notice is displayed via all student use computers. The electronic notice reminds students that all users of the University facilities, resources, infrastructure and systems are required to comply with Australian copyright law and with the University copyright, ICT and other policies before they can access the JCU network.