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MACRO: Academic research staff

Portrait of Rocky de Nys

Prof Rocky de Nys

E   P +61 7 4781 4412

As the Theme Leader of the Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology, Rocky’s role focuses on the planning, organisational and management requirements for the successful delivery of multi-disciplinary research and its application. Rocky manages industry partnerships that take the outcomes of our work to deliver innovative products and processes ranging from food products to fertilisers, and biological carbon capture and storage using biochar.

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Staff Cole

Dr Andrew Cole

E   P +61 7 4781 5250

Dr Cole is the Program Leader at the Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology and leads the Products from Oedogonium project. This project works on aquatic waste streams from diverse industries, including aquaculture, agriculture and municipal waste. It aims to optimise macroalgal biomass production and bioremediation for each waste stream at scales that are relevant to industry needs. The overarching goal is to provide a cost effective option for nutrient bioremediation and a platform for sustainable and commercially viable macroalgal biomass production.

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Dr Tze Loon Neoh

Dr Tze Loon Neoh leads the Human Health and Nutrition group within the Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology. Loon is involved in the post-harvest processing and analysis of the biochemical composition of biomass from macroalgae, focusing on the extraction and concentration of functional compounds and natural secondary metabolites found in macroalgal biomass to match end-product applications such as human food, alternative agrifeed, nutraceuticals and other high-value products which promote human health.

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Portrait of Nicholas Neveux

Dr Nicholas Neveux

E   P + 61 7 4781 4778

Dr Neveux is part of the Fertilisers and biostimulants project within the Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology. His work focuses on the production of marine and freshwater macroalgae in integrated land-based systems, particularly in the context of bioremediation of aquaculture effluents and municipal wastewater. He is also involved in the research and development of valuable bioproducts derived from macroalgae, including nutraceuticals, human food, animal feed, biofuels and fertilisers.

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Portrait of Tine Praeger

Dr Tine Praeger   P +61 7 4781 4835

Dr Praeger's research focuses on the controlled reproduction of macroalgae at scale in order to provide a reliable source of seedlings. A central theme of her work is the development of bioremediation technologies for the aquaculture industry with a research focus on innovative, sustainable and tailored cultivation technologies of high-value seaweeds, in particular filamentous green seaweeds. Dr Praeger is the recipient of a Queensland Accelerate Fellowship with the Queensland Government and industry partners MBD Energy and Pacific Reef Fisheries to develop novel techniques for the settlement and grow-out of a high-value seaweed species.

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Portrait of Matthew Vucko

Dr Matthew Vucko

E   P +61 7 4781 5343

Dr Vucko is part of the Fertilisers and biostimulants project and he leads the Animal Nutrition and Health project within the Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology. His research focuses on the development of algal feed and algal feed additives for animal and plant production and aims to (1) demonstrate the potential of using algae as a biostimulant and/or fertiliser for plants; (2) improve the wetting characteristics of hydrophobic soils using algal extracts; (3) develop feed additives to improve animal growth, development, colour, and health; and (4) reduce methane emissions in ruminants using the natural secondary metabolites found in marine macroalgae.

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