Mannering image

Tom Mannering

Tom assists in the Municipal wastewater treatment program within the Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology. This program works on aquatic waste streams from diverse industries, including aquaculture, agriculture and municipal waste. It aims to optimise macroalgal biomass production and bioremediation for each waste stream at scales that are relevant to industry needs. In his current role, Tom assists in the setup, running and data management of the bioremediation experiments.

Martinez image

Maria Andrade-Martinez

Maria works in the Biorefinery program within Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology. Maria assesses the biochemical composition of macroalgal biomass and focuses on different extraction techniques of sulphated polysaccharides (ASPs) to find the most appropriate methods for use on an industrial scale. These ASPs have numerous applications such as multifunctional food additives, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Maria also works in the Human Health and Nutrition program focusing on the controlled reproduction and tailored seeding techniques of the macroalgae Ulva tepida to provide a reliable and sustainable source of biomass for commercial production.

Purcell image

Anna Purcell

Anna is part of the Fertilisers and biostimulants program with the  Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology, working as a research assistant for Dr Nicolas Neveux. Her role involves the construction and management of ‘bioproduct’ experiments as well as the maintenance and upscale of marine macroalgae cultures. Anna has also worked with Dave in the area of bioremediation of aquaculture effluents and wastewater.

Matt Reardon image

Matt Reardon

Matt manages the day-to-day operations of the purpose built 200,000 L recirculating aquaculture facility dedicated to the cultivation of marine and freshwater macroalgae. In consultation with researchers, he adapts the infrastructure to suit experimental needs for macroalgae and animal trials.